The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of expression.  We’re free to scribble or shout our opinions hugging the corner of slander and libel while aiming our arrows at whomever or what ever we have in our crosshairs.

But how far do we take it, this freedom of ours?

Having been born into a sizeable family of boisterous Italians where you stood more of a chance of securing an audience with the Pope than attention at dinner and where opening a vein could buy you a five minute window for a monologue, I wrote to be heard.  I found it more enjoyable that duct tapping the mouths of my many siblings.  Hell, I’ve been credited for penning my own birth announcement (someone had to!).

I caution you, while riding high on that soapbox wielding your poison pens, keep in mind your words and actions have the power to incite long term repercussions – protected or not.  Do you go in for the kill when a gentle flogging would do?  Should you tear your target a new one knowing you’re beyond cunning, quicker and your new phone has a wicked thesaurus?

In the end, you reap what you sow.  And that comes from a higher authority than the Constitution – the Bible.

I live for your comments!

As always  –  from the Point.