Only days after my last post, I received a call that began with a phrase not normally associated with pleasant news: “It is my obligation to inform you that this call will be recorded and monitored.”  A quick glance at the caller ID tells me it’s Target; friendly store down the street in a boat-load of trouble recently for – crap – it was all becoming clear.

“I realize you reside in Florida, but did you perhaps find yourself in Antarctica to purchase a half dozen penguins; let’s see that would have been yesterday?”

I assured the Target fraud investigator that I hadn’t, nor did I have reason to use my Target card for flying monkey’s in Kansas.  Just as they suspected, the charges were fraudulent proving my point that we are all sitting ducks.  As hard as they work to protect us, criminal minds are there to undo us.  We can protect ourselves by employing companies like LifeLock to stop a total intrusion, or maybe channel your best Clint Eastwood and carry a rifle to threaten the unsubs.  Could the answer be chips buried under our skin, something my Christian school children call the “mark of the beast” to eliminate credit information once and for all?

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