ABSOLUTE RECALL is about consequence. As a result of his dealings with the notorious Jovanni crime family, accountant Spencer Martin is about to be murdered.

The young and newly widowed Reagan Martin is a quick-witted nurse blessed, or cursed, with an eidetic memory. She has inadvertently browsed through her now dead husband’s ledger that depicts his calculated shelter of the mob’s bounty, systematically scattered throughout four states and a dozen locations. Its deadly contents have been forever implanted in her mind. She now finds herself in mortal danger as the same ruthless people who murdered her husband want her silenced!

When the program designed to protect her is compromised, she is forced on the run, hunted by relentless killers. Alone on a perilous journey, she assumes fraudulent identities to survive. The mob wants their money; she wants to live.

Her lone ally, the brooding and protective Special Agent Hudson Garvey, is powerless to deny the sizzling connection between them. He dedicates his time and resources to find her, track the evil trailing her, and save her life-before it’s too late….


“Where are we headed?” the driver asked.  Other than basic directions, the hour long drive had been a silent one.

“Delaware, to a hotel in Dover; I’ll give you the address when we’re closer.” Reagan’s voice faded to a hushed stillness.

From her seat in the back of the car, she watched the mile markers rush by through the smudged window.  Without Sophia there to witness, her gallant front dissolved.  Slumping deeper into the worn leather, fighting an unwavering flow of tears, she had never felt so alone.

She fished her cell phone from the abyss on the bottom of her purse.  One message to Hudson, she owed him that much.  And if she was going to do it, it would have to be then, before she disappeared completely.  She would text; the chance of him answering a call was too risky.   Her resolve would shatter should his voice say her name.

She slowed her breathing, wiping her eyes with the backs of her hands, writing the words that would cut the last thread. “Program compromised, didn’t know who to trust, had to save Sophia.  You can’t protect me now.  Don’t hate me.”

She trembled, waiting for her driver to reach the Chesapeake Bay Bridge before permitting her apprehensive finger to hit send.  And as her heart screamed to stop her, she tossed the phone from the window to the glassy, smooth water while the late afternoon traffic pressed on.

The Characters

REAGAN MARTIN is a quick-witted nurse with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, a petite frame, and a sprinkling of freckles over her nose. She’s blessed, or cursed, with an eidetic memory. After mistakenly browsing through her accountant husband’s ledger, depicting his calculated shelter of the mob’s fortune, she shivers in fear questioning his sanity.

SPENCER MARTIN wears wire-rimmed glasses and his hair behind his ears. Emotions have never come easy to him. He’s ruled by logic and best described as a combo platter of Mr. Spock, Jiminy Cricket, and Rain Man. He’s also about to be murdered.

FBI SPECIAL AGENT HUDSON GARVEY is brooding by nature and protective over Reagan when law enforcement first turns their backs, and then hunts her. Hudson assumes full culpability for her plight while neither he nor Reagan are able to deny their sizzling connection.

VLADIMIR NESTOR is a hitman for the mob. Dark hair, even darker eyes, he had wide scares on the bridge of his nose and smelled of almond tobacco. He comes from one of the poorest regions of Armenia and soon learns tracking, trapping and torturing humans was more satisfying than small animals and he could earn money doing it. He had his sights set on Reagan.