Lori Flynn


Olivia Harding survives her childhood and strives for a normal life.

But it’s all a lie. There’s nothing normal about Olivia or the odd events she can’t explain.

When she is charged with murder, she’ll have to reveal her long-buried secrets.

About the Author

Born into a loud and large, New York Italian family, I began writing at a young age rather than vie for talk-time with my numerous siblings. I remember when we would pull numbers for placement to recount our exciting days over dinner. There was always an audience, but many a night, I told my stories to the dirty dishes while I scrubbed them clean.

As early as elementary school, pressed shoulder to shoulder in the family station wagon on our weekly Sunday visit to our grandparents’ house, I wrote short chapter books. Putting words on paper seemed to calm the noise and chaos in my head and the world around me. They still do.

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Long ago, in a school system far away, I learned the basic building blocks of language. I sat at my desk like an obedient sponge and listened to every word my teacher said. Grammar lessons began, painlessly enough, with the parts of speech. Nouns seemed harmless, a person, place, or thing, but soon tricked us… Read more »

Congratulations! After three marriages, two divorces, childbirth, your first colonoscopy, an appendectomy, and a pandemic, at long last, you’ve completed your manuscript. Now, the decisions you face get harder. Let’s begin with the most important. Do you really need to edit your masterpiece? The wise answer is yes-hell, yes. Don’t shake your head and think… Read more »

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People often ask why I write dogs into my books. I could offer an easy answer and say I write what I know. Only if you’ve read my novels might it make you wonder why they also include vicious serial killers? I should mention that it’s fiction, except for the dogs. The truth is, I… Read more »

Also by Lori

Newly widowed Reagan Martin has an eidetic memory and her mob-connected husband’s ledger implanted in her mind. Now the same ruthless people who murdered her husband want her silenced.

Her lone ally, Special Agent Hudson Garvey, is powerless to deny the sizzling connection between them and will do everything he can to save her.