Author: LoriF

  During a recent bout with insomnia, one where I had tried everything to sleep, including waking my extra-large dopey dog for a quick walk, I resorted to clicking on the TV. The news make me anxious and the Food Network made me hungry. I settled on a 1933 vampire movie starring Fay Wray that… Read more »

Long ago, in a school system far away, I learned the basic building blocks of language. I sat at my desk like an obedient sponge and listened to every word my teacher said. Grammar lessons began, painlessly enough, with the parts of speech. Nouns seemed harmless, a person, place, or thing, but soon tricked us… Read more »

Congratulations! After three marriages, two divorces, childbirth, your first colonoscopy, an appendectomy, and a pandemic, at long last, you’ve completed your manuscript. Now, the decisions you face get harder. Let’s begin with the most important. Do you really need to edit your masterpiece? The wise answer is yes-hell, yes. Don’t shake your head and think… Read more »

Who qualifies as an essential worker? It depends on who you ask. The CDC is quick to respond by saying it’s those who conduct a range of operations and services in industries that are essential to ensure the continuity of critical functions. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security uses more complicated language that boils down… Read more »

People often ask why I write dogs into my books. I could offer an easy answer and say I write what I know. Only if you’ve read my novels might it make you wonder why they also include vicious serial killers? I should mention that it’s fiction, except for the dogs. The truth is, I… Read more »

I guess you may have heard.  The election is over.  It ended differently than most were told it would, as promised by the media.  Some feel the need to publicly protest, to destroy property. What’s almost funny?  That’s the behavior that was expected from the supporters of the candidate that won.  Go figure. I can sympathize. … Read more »

Not long after penning my own birth announcement, I began writing fiction and was instantly hooked.  Since then, for better or worse, my friends and loved ones have enjoyed or been subjected to my ramblings and manuscripts, up to and including my recently published novel, ABSOLUTE RECALL.  As I work on what I hope is… Read more »

In the interest of honesty, I have to admit that my back has bothered me a time or two in the past.  Nothing to cry about, you understand, sciatica my doctor mumbled once while suggesting over-the-counter pain relievers.  This holiday season, however, between decorating, shopping, and celebrating – my New Year’s culminated into a painful… Read more »