Month: February 2014

To query or not to query, that is the question; or maybe just when.  Once you have written, rewritten, edited, put it aside, had all your critics mull it over, began again, you’ve wallpapered the room – twice – and have endured that colonoscopy you’ve been putting off; is it finally time?  And do you… Read more »

A synopsis may be your first and only chance to sway a literary agent or editor. You’ve been able to beat the odds by completing an entire manuscript. Don’t let the synopsis throw you; make it count. Firstly though, if you are an aspiring writer, you might also have questions about how to compose a… Read more »

For those of us who naturally adopt a positive approach to life, there are occasions such as the flashes of blue lights in your rearview mirror, facing emergency surgery or, perish the thought, submitting your query to seek publication that the bravest of us find daunting.  As writers we appreciate rejection is part of the… Read more »