Month: March 2014

Patience has never been my long suit, so stewing for over an hour in the reception room of my hematologist/oncologist office was enough to almost make blood shoot from my eyes – until I took stock in my situation. To my right was a woman, young enough to be my daughter, who was void of a… Read more »

I brought our new puppy into our house; a squirming, nipping mound of tri-colored cuteness we unanimously named Pennington after a soon-to- be traded quarterback. A beagle; pedigreed down to his waving white-tipped tail. Having committed to memory a plethora of award winning dog manuals, I felt ready to take on the task to acclimate… Read more »

Anything worth having is worth fighting for.  Certainly this is true in our careers, the goals we set for ourselves, and never so true as with our children and family members. But to die for? We have all heard the term roll off the tongues of sales people and advertisers.  “Eat at our restaurant.  The… Read more »