Author: LoriF

I confess.  Having been raised in the northeastern United States and migrating to southern Florida, like so many of you, I’ve developed issues with seasons that never actually change. Florida’s winter weather has forever lured us – from Ernest Hemingway to Chris Evert to Gloria Estefan.  And it’s not just grandma and grandpa with their… Read more »

Did you know our bodies, these complicated vessels we take for granted, are about 60% water? Neither did I, until it was brought to my attention I was flirting with dehydration, plunging me head first into search mode without my floaties. Water does so much more than quench your thirst: –  It makes up much… Read more »

Headlining the news in my corner of the world is Chikungunya. Although it sounds like something you might be tempted to order in your favorite restaurant rather than the Chicken Marsala or Chicken Piccata, let me assure you that it isn’t anything you’d want to add to your bucket list. You see, Chikungunya is a… Read more »

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of expression.  We’re free to scribble or shout our opinions hugging the corner of slander and libel while aiming our arrows at whomever or what ever we have in our crosshairs. But how far do we take it, this freedom of ours? Having been born… Read more »

Millions of Americans dutifully display the flag to help them celebrate our summer holidays such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.  Throughout my own neighborhood I’ve watched some let their flags fly as our tropical wind and rain batters them while others are quick to remove them at the first signs of moisture.  And… Read more »

Staying in the same vein as my last two posts, I hope you find this as equally interesting and unnerving as I did.  My research for Absolute Recall showed me how merchants generally try to extract as much information as possible from their customers so they can more precisely target offers to them.  But that’s… Read more »

Only days after my last post, I received a call that began with a phrase not normally associated with pleasant news: “It is my obligation to inform you that this call will be recorded and monitored.”  A quick glance at the caller ID tells me it’s Target; friendly store down the street in a boat-load… Read more »

In my romantic suspense novel, Absolute Recall, Reagan Martin, a quick-witted young nurse blessed with an eidetic memory finds herself on a perilous journey, forced to assume fraudulent identities while struggling to stay a step ahead of the evil trailing her.  When involved in my research, I was both amazed and appalled at the plethora… Read more »

Regardless of the genre, the insatiable passion to write fills notebooks with drafts, computer files with stories, and sleepless nights with revisions.  That said, the thought of pushing our little darlings from the nest is daunting even for the most seasoned of writers.  With the current status of the publishing industry demanding selectivity in today’s market, rejection is… Read more »