Patience has never been my long suit, so stewing for over an hour in the reception room of my hematologist/oncologist office was enough to almost make blood shoot from my eyes – until I took stock in my situation.

To my right was a woman, young enough to be my daughter, who was void of a single visible hair sitting patiently waiting for her next round of chemotherapy.  Beside her another women, older, but seemingly suffering the same fate.  Across the room sat a man with both his knees bandaged and a walker within arms reach.  In every direction, people from all walks of life coping with maladies far more important and devastating than my own, sat biding their time.

Once back in my car, humility curbed my annoyance over the wait, while I counted my blessings for what I didn’t have.  Suddenly my persistent anemia due to Crones Disease was placed in perspective, made trivial in comparison to those I witnessed.  It will be a good while before I complain about anything.